The Forgotten Jesus and the Trinity You Never Knew

Uniquely among those who tell the life of Jesus, Damon So succeeds in bringing out the Trinitarian character of these relationships to be seen in Jesus' story. He does this not in a merely theoretical way but in order to bring out practical implications for the Christian believer, the whole church, and for Christian mission in the world. The last chapter itself, ‘The Trinity, The Kingdom Of God and Human Society,’ is worth the price of the whole book.

Joe W. Martin 

Advisory Council Chaplain for the Oxford University Graduate Christian Union


Dr. Damon So´s work is a very timely reminder of the need to recover the New Testament view of Jesus in intimate relationship with his Father through the Holy Spirit. All too often Christology has ignored this Trinitarian approach. As a result, it has failed to give proper account of the spiritual basis for Jesus' life and ministry as well as for his death and resurrection. This book provides a necessary corrective for this failure and shows the relevance of a Trinitarian Christology to the life and mission of the church in today's world. I wholeheartedly recommend this work by one of the most capable theologians from the Majority World.

C. René Padilla, President Emeritus, Kairos Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is one excellent book that retells the story of Jesus in accents so clear and applicable to a contemporary reader. Expounding on what he called ‘the principle of universal respect and love,’ Damon persuasively argues that Jesus’ teaching applies to ‘every realm of human relationship;’ and that Jesus provides a perfect model of liberation for today’s society characterized by all sort of ills and disconnects at every level of existence. The study is simple, yet critical and insightfully profound. The Forgotten Jesus is perfect for undergraduate theology and religious majors including postgraduates in this area of study and especially useful for the contemporary mission field in which the church strives to make Christ known.

Joseph Galgalo, Academic Dean and Professor of Theology, St. Paul's University, Limuru, Kenya.

Another book on Jesus? Yes, but it is different. This excellent refreshing look at the Trinitarian engagement in mission provides a comprehensive tool for holistic involvement in society. Dr. Damon So has a remarkable ability to make complex concepts both practical and relevant to contemporary issues. He has shown us that insightful and scholarly reflection can be both accessible to the community of disciples as well as faithful and deeply reverential to the Trinitarian revelation of God.  The book will be a welcome resource for those who seek a holistic understanding of Christian faith and mission.

C.B. Samuel, Chairman, Micah Challenge India

This book addresses in a fresh way the question of the significance of Jesus for the contemporary world which is in need of deliverance from self-interested economic forces, family separations, injustice, diseases, famines and wars. The author argues persuasively that we need to rediscover the revolutionary teaching, the radical lifestyle, and the work of Jesus Christ who alone is able to deliver the people from their plights through his authentic self-giving love. A unique feature of this fascinating presentation of Jesus is its Trinitarian emphasis—the intimate relationship of Jesus with his Father in the Holy Spirit. This biblical presentation of Jesus in vivid images of interpersonal love is inspiring and relevant for the life of the church in the contemporary world. This book will greatly benefit church leaders and those engaged in Christian ministry who are looking for resources to enable them to present more effectively the Trinitarian Christ and the Christian message of forgiveness, reconciliation and liberation to a needy world. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Corneliu Constantineanu, Executive Director, Areopagus Center for Christian Studies and Contemporary Culture, Romania


The teachings of Jesus are revolutionary in nature. His words liberate people from their spiritual blindness. His actions bring freedom to those who are physically, emotionally, mentally or socially unwell. I appreciate the refreshing biblical presentation of the person of Jesus in this book. The author has demonstrated a wide knowledge of various traditions, including the Chinese one, in making his arguments lively and thought provoking. The theme of this book deserves our attention.

Jason Yeung, Director of Chinese Culture Research Centre, Professor of Theology, China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong 

The author attempts to present to lay people some important aspects of the complex subject of the Trinity—Jesus in intimate relationship with the Father through the Holy Spirit. He has succeeded not only in doing so, but also in convincing me that our understanding of the Trinity has far reaching implications for the nature of the Church, mission, and our Christian life.

Wonsuk Ma, Executive Director, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

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