Lecture Series

I am giving a series of 8 lectures looking at Jesus and the Trinity through him. The title of the series of lectures is

Jesus - the Window into the Trinity.

To view the videos of the lectures: click here

The lectures present a dynamic inspiring picture of Jesus in his majestic Lordship and freedom, his humble servanthood and obedience, his compassion for needy humanity in his public ministry, his courageous entry into Jerusalem and his sacrificial love revealed in his death there, his resurrection from the dead and his universal reign.

This dynamic picture is related closely to Jesus’ fundamental and underlying relationship with his Father through the Holy Spirit. The concrete (not abstract nor metaphysical) expression of that Trinitarian relationship in Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection is presented in a unified manner, avoiding the pitfall of majoring on only one of these aspects. The treatment is clear and understandable.

This holistic and dynamic picture of Jesus in intimate fellowship with his Father through the Spirit gives the audience a valuable glimpse into the mystery of the Trinity and invites them to reflect on what it means to follow Jesus as individuals and as communities in the context of the twenty-first century with its many challenges.

Jesus Christ came with his cutting edge message in the first century, bringing what was new and liberating in the Kingdom of God.

In the twenty-first century, Jesus Christ continues to be the one who can exercise that cutting edge to truly transform individual lives and communities, bringing freedom, healings, peace and hope of the Kingdom of God to an aching and disillusioned world. 

Time: 5pm, Friday, 18th Jan. to 8th March, 2013 (8 Fridays of the Hilary Term at Oxford)
Place: The Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, St. Philip and St. James Church, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HR (opposite Leckford Road).

 The lectures will be based on my book, The Forgotten Jesus and the Trinity You Never Knew (Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2010), which was given the following comment in a book review:
'This book embodies what the late John Stott demonstrated in his own teaching ministry – deep thinking in order to produce simple teaching.'
– Graham McFarlane, Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology, London School of Theology.
See www.Jesus-Trinity.co.uk for the full review and free excerpts of the book.
The lectures will be delivered at an intermediate level and are suitable for Christians who are slightly more intellectually inclined. Non-Christians who are considering the Christian faith will also find the lectures stimulating.

The flyer for advertising the lectures can be downloaded via the link below (for the .pdf file).

Damon So,
14 Jan 2013, 07:53