Table of Contents

The Forgotten Jesus and the Trinity You Never Knew

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Manifesto Of Liberation At Nazareth

Chapter 3: Revolutionary Liberating Teaching 

1 Introduction

2 The First Antithesis: Murder and Personal Dignity

3 The Second Antithesis: Respect for the Opposite Sex

4 The Third Antithesis: Respect for Marriage

5 The Fourth Antithesis: Respect for Truth

6 The Fifth Antithesis: Non-retaliation but Compliance

7 The Sixth Antithesis: Loving Your Enemies

8 The Characteristics of Jesus' Teachings

9 Jesus' Relationship with his Father and His Divine Lordship

Chapter 4: Radical Unconditional Love In Action To Liberate

1 Introduction

2 Healing of the Leper

3 Healing of the Centurion's Servant

4 Jesus and the Sinners

5 Jesus and the Sabbath

6 Jesus and the Adulterous Woman

7 Jesus and the Children

8 Conclusions about Jesus' Radical Liberating Actions

Chapter 5: The Journey With Needy Humanity To The End

1 Introduction

2 The Birth of Jesus

3 The Childhood of Jesus

4 The Baptism of Jesus

5 The Temptations of Jesus

6 Jesus' Identification with Needy Humanity in his Compassionate Ministry

7 The End of the Journey

8 The Resurrection of Jesus and a New Beginning

Chapter 6: The Trinity, The Kingdom Of God And Human Society

1 Jesus' Own Rest in His Father and His Revelation of His Father

2 Jesus and the Holy Spirit

3 The Mystery of the Trinity

4 The Divinity and Humanity of Jesus Christ

5 Meditation on the Lord Jesus Christ 

6 The Trinity, the Church and Human Society

6.1 Freedom and Moral Reference

6.2 Freedom from Self-Interest

6.3 Freedom for the Poor

6.4 Freedom from Structural Evils

6.5 Freedom from Conflicts: Reconciliation

6.6 Trinity and Human Society

6.7 Trinity, Church and Mission in the World

7 Conclusions

Appendix A: Meditation on Jesus' Lordship and Servanthood

Appendix B: Jesus Suffers With Us

Appendix C: Holiness and Love

Appendix D: He Did Not Turn Back

Appendix E: He Lives-He Rose from the Dead